PROJECT #03 Remix/Reveal

Final Video Outcome.

Outcome Screen Shoot

The aim of this project is to:

  • explore speculative and critical approaches to your topic theme.
  • continue to develop your thinking of your topic through a
    sequential time based narrative.
  • learn about film making and and editing.
  • 30 second film that explores your research findings for your topic
  • Paper based story board
  • Research folder/s and sketchbooks

Background Research( some Key concept for my film theme)

From last project 02 theme done. Last project let me kwon that more and more storm happen follow the increase of year. therefore I aim to kwon what the reason that cause the increase of storm. There blow Fig are some research about the research why and how to reduce that.

Idea from the research

From those research I was decide focus on the main reason & behavior cause storm become much more than before 2 decade. and how to show them up to Warning people need to pay attention on.

“Strange as it may seem, the most recent Image of the Week entry from the Climate and Radiation Branch at Goddard Space Flight Center suggests that air pollution does indeed exacerbate lightning storms.”

“Air pollution in the form of aerosol particles can cause thunderstorms to leave behind larger and longer-lasting storm clouds, according to a scientific study”

Thomas Bell: Our explanation is that the storms need to start their growth in a hot, humid environment to give the pollution “something to work with.” The pollution causes the storm to climb to higher altitudes, because it causes the cloud droplets being formed in the storm to be smaller than they would be in a clean environment. They’re lighter and are carried up higher than usual, where they freeze (releasing latent heat), which pumps the storm up more than would happen in clean air.

“The environment also needs to be humid because when the storm grows more vigorously it “sucks” air at its base up more strongly, pulling in more moisture, which then provides additional energy to the storm as the moisture condenses during its climb. The western half of the country is fairly dry—even though it can be hot, there isn’t much “fuel” (moisture) to feed a storm when it tries to grow more vigorously. The Southeast is especially hot and humid in the summer, so that’s where the effect shows up best, according to our theory.”

To sum up the research, I known there are many thing will cause storm become strong and more. in addition most of the pollution are around our daily life and could to i focus on what could be my main concept in my short film.

To conclusion, I get those problem and what scene to represent the problems. consider that I think can use those scene as my main plot to express my film.I get the 6 main scene in my film.

Cut tree, car pollution, rubbish pollution, industry pollution VS common facilities being destroy, more crazy storm, car crash.

Style Research

I was look through all kinds of styles video design. include glitch style, collage style, 3D style, animation style…. Through this research I was more interesting in animation style and another reason was I like draw illustration image very well. find some animation style and designer to get more inspiration.

Visual style research 1

The U.S. midterms are 3 days away. Design No.3 Countdown at Buck.
Design: Amelia Chen
Animation: DeeKay Kwon
Sound design: Antfood

I was interesting in this draw style. keep elements in same style. The background is use line to express. well distinguish between context. is an online platform which provides services in obtaining travel, education and work visas to any country worldwide. Visa application processes are complicated, time-consuming and require detailed approach.

This one has more details in very scenes.Very rich and a lot of layers. The overall use of bright colors to express, it looks very comfortable and smooth.

BluBlu Studios

BluBlu Studios is a design-driven, award-winning animation production company. they thrive on creating sophisticated animated stories united in one goal – communicating your message in the most effective and compelling way.they partner with the most prominent brands, ad agencies, publishers, tech companies and production houses all over the world. their clients, from web startups to Fortune 500 companies, work with the awesome team of more than 30 top creatives, producers, and creative directors. they work internationally. their portfolio contains more than 400 animations created for different markets in more than 20 languages. Many of their videos were awarded & listed in the top explainers rankings. See more at

The purpose of this film is to inform young adults and parents about civil confirmation. This is a course in ethical education with a secular coming-of-age ceremony, and an alternative to the christian confirmation for non-religious people.

This short video transaction skill are very coherent , I want to try some of the skill in my film.

Happy to be part of this amazing and ambitious project. Working along with we the educators we managed to create a series of playful and friendly short films about the future of public education.
Get a deeper understanding, explore the differences, the choices we make and what they mean for the future of pubic education.

The character of the video movement inspired me if i have a character in my design, how it look, and how to animate it.

Idea 01

Nowadays, there are more and more storms in society. They destroy villages, crops, people’s houses, roads, and public facilities, which seriously affect people’s lives and safety. The increase in storms is caused by people’s various acts of destroying the world’s environment. This video is to warn people to reduce environmental pollution, ocean pollution, and protect the earth and ocean.

Film Name: Crazy Storm

The story in my film I want use contrast way to express the them that storm increases in rapid speed because of all kinds pollution. also, warning people reduce pollution will reduce storm.

Tone of voice:fun and simple

Target Audience : for 7-11 age children.

Final Story Draft


Some visual scene research

& Pinteres

Visual Style Frame Test

Tutorial feedback (30 April ,2020)

  • The whole storyboard is looks coherent
  • think about voice & music
  • keep it simple and clear
  • illustrate style is fine.
  • the factory and the lady the plant those two style work well, maybe the lady one could be much more simple. too much detail. do not need
  • the water one style are not good different.
  • strong visual style.
  • Quickly choose out the final visual style and do some moving test.hope to see how to moving it up.

After effect editing tutorial

From these tutorials i know more about after effects editing skill and how to make it use in my film, it helps me a lot.

I was continues to work on test which style is more suitable for my film story.

Moving test 01

I think the weather one is work fluent and i will keep it like this first after i done my rest video to adjust it agian.

I have change a style from what I have done before. make this one more simple and less details . test on visual style and to make it have little bit moving movement first, and continue create rest of the film.

Moving test 02

I still found it looks wired and also not simple enough so I decided continue do more test and do more research about character design.

How to make characters walk tutorial . let me know the effective work way

Visual style research 2

Process of main character development
for a Google Small Business animation

This is a famous design form london.

Design studio

Buck is a talent-driven, global creative company. Since 2004 we have been building a home for the world’s most talented dreamers, makers and doers in a collaborative, ego-free culture that breeds partnership and creative ambition. At our core, we exist to find creative opportunity in every challenge, not just to think, but to make, and ultimately put extraordinary things into the world that inspire people. Is a creative opportunity to make and inspire.

Sum up from these research i becomes more certain about my visual style and I Draw all scene out and ready to do some moving test.

Moving test 03

Tutorial feedback (with Danny) 07/05/2020

  • The film test is well, continue to develop and complete it.
  • Jame stolen(look some of his stuff)
  • more crazy and strong colour.
  • Gentle background music (do not need voice)

Moving test 04

I was continue to complete it. I draw in illustration first in different layer then use After Effect to editing . make them move and coherence.

Moving test 05

Tutorial feedback (with Danny) 14/05/2020

  • Adjust the speed could make it slow done, now a little bit quickly.
  • The end people dead is a look unusual in real life.maybe is not necessary in the film or try to express other things.
  • The bus thing.
  • It’s a funny and interesting way. the result decided on myself.
  • may add some short effects

Final out come video.

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