Identify three key points from the talk and write 80-100 words on each for your blog. As always use illustrations where

Future Mundane a talk by Nick Foster

The first point:
The future Mundane is filled with background talent.

The second point:
The future Mundane is an attractive space.

The third point:
The future Mundane is a bit broken.

‘We need to design for the people who support the hero. Don’t design hero products unless there is a strong case support.’

‘The future Mundane towards a batter discipline.’ ‘These are your users, and you are them.What happened now’ , ‘what happened recently, what happened in the future.’

The Future Mundane is an accretive space

Knowing the construction of the error allows you to know the problem in time when a problem occurs in your product and how to solve it when the problem occurs. It will be better for the audience to remove unnecessary and responsible functions.

The Future Mundane is a partly broken space.

As mentioned, the structure of science fiction cinema calls for extremes of character, event and environment. These are often visible through utopian or dystopian tropes in costume, architecture and design. Nick refers to the movie – Back to the Future – and explains how combining familiarity with futurism can make a product fit better with the perceptions of users.At one end of the spectrum, we have seamless computer interactions, bright spacious architecture and glossy white surfaces everyday images and brands around our life.
Have deep understand of concepts i want to use in my design, this will help my product more fit the everyday future mundane.

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