Eco-Visionaries‘ presents how architects, artists and designers are inquiring into these ecoloaical transformations, producing a critique of their causes, raising awareness of their less visible aspects and anticipating alternative visions of how to respond and adapt to their consequences. The works in this exhibition alternate between critical inquiry and visionary optimism. They present a future in which humans reconnect with nature and create a more empathetic relationship with their fellow species – a future that starts by taking action today. This is the theme of this exhibition.

Idea 1 (win> <win)

The last room in this exhibition was the most shocking to me. Visitors were divided into two separate small auditory rooms and were asked to put on headphones, where we were told a long story about the endless rise of jellyfish-in front of a giant pulsating bio-vortex tank. “We are in this crazy, unforeseen and incomprehensible situation where we are competing against jellyfish,” says one of the marine biologists narrating the story. “And they are winning.” To tell people the importance of protecting the environment. I really like the way this exhibition is presented. People are in dark rooms, watching the jellyfish in the water tank, listening to the story in the headphones. The quiet environment made people start to reflect. The most interesting thing is that I can see the opposite audience. I thought they could see us too. As a result, they could n’t see us. They could only see the next audience. I looked at the opposite audience like Jellyfish were watching us Same, but we don’t know. I think in my future design I need to think about the interaction between my work and the audience.

Idea 2 Carolina Caycedo,

This is a fold artist-book, that combines archival images, maps, poems, lyrics, satellite photos, with the artist’s own images and texts on river bio-cultural diversity, in a long and meandering collage. The fluctuating publication can frame many narratives. As a book it can be opened, pleated and I can read in many directions. Relating my work and images to the context of Carolina Caycedo would provide my own Alt/Book with a better understanding; I’d like to explore the book express way and context more depth.

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