PROJECT #01-The Quantified -Self


This project is carried out on an individual basis.This is your chance to try out some self tracking and also to practice essentially the same process as that involved in determining your Final Project brief later in the year. You will first formulate your personal brief, in order to identify a story you want to tell and/or a question you want to test. For this purpose, limit yourself to a brief based around two classes of data (eg mobile phone checking behaviour and quality of university study time).Once formulated, you will then identify the data you need to collect and the means by which you will collect them.You will then produce and present two different but related data visualisations based on your collected data, together with a short account of the story you set out to tell or the question you set out to test.



  • Primary research
  • workshop
  • sketchbook page
  • Idea(personal brief)
  • Data collection+analysis
  • visual research+style
  • Data analysis app learn
  • Test process+improve
  • Final outcome

Monday workshop & key notes

Primary Research

Those reseach help me a lot on have a deep understanding on quantified self and self tracking aim. How to start & which I can collection& benifit& how to get a right direction.

Monday workshop (key notes & key process moment)

Team outcome

From this workshop, i learned some useful skill how to Categorize a lot of messy data, let them divide neatly and regularly

Brainstorm (aim to get some useful theme ideas for my project)

Start analyzing what active I often do in my daily life and what kind of data around me and i was interesting to collection
Through self data analysis I found that
1. computer(use for study easy collection data)
2. phone(use time occupy my day a lot of time )
2. Wechat(use for communicat with friends & parents easy collection data)
4. Shopping( both online &store :for food, clothe, make up….)
To sum up, I spend a lot of time on the phone, I began to analyze what I started to look at my mobile phone data, what software took the longest time, what I used to do it, the good side and the bad side. What reflection and inspiration do I get.

Through the research I obtain these information that I spent a lot of time on wechat to communication with other (friends, parents, roommate…..)
However, i need to think another data related to this. I decide to collect the real life I communicate with people data.

Personal Brief draf 1

The project 01 is to quantified self, need we to collect data on ourselves. by using self-reported and bio-metrics methods. I plan to collect data based on my daily life.(more details about that will in my personal brief)

Social Circle

It’s related to (online social VS realistic social)
Inspiration: When Sherry Turkle first spoke at TED, her topic was “Celebrating our lives on the Internet,” but now she thinks the Internet is “taking us where we don’t want to go.” Although the Internet era provides more and more social channels for people, the relationship between people seems to be more and more alienated. We are less willing to be close to each other, and we are less likely to invite people to do it at home. She believes that social media has given us There are three illusions: 1. on social media We will receive attention in any situation. 2. We can always be heard. 3. We never have to be alone.

I am interested in telling the story that Gradually more and more “mobile phone controls” appear in society. Even if people sit face to face, there is no communication, holding their cell phone and playing it. At this time, we found that social networking tools have changed a lot of things invisibly, Ways of communication, how communication feels, how you live and how you make friends. On the Internet, young people who look introverted, lonely, and unspeakable in reality, in a social media chat with others like wild horses, talk about everything, but in real life, they will be shy, and they are more afraid of face to face chat with others. However, the extensive use of social communication tools will reduce the satisfaction of close relationships, and the rapid communication methods of social media will not make people happy and content. It will make people more and more lonely. I will use my own real data to show that the time and mood changes and the number of people I spend communicating with people on mobile social software every day are compared with the time and mood changes that I communicate with people in real life. Want to make people reflect on how these online social tools have changed our lives? How can social software make us feel alienated even though when we often communicate frequently?

The data I am collecting have: The record and number of people I chatted with on WeChat, my mood changed and feeling
The record and number of people I communicated with in real life that day, my mood changed and feeling.

Method: To record the data from my phone and WeChat history. recording using pen and paper and phone software system recording from my daily life.

Data collection

Totally from iPhone screen shoot



Book Research ( Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design by Andy Kirk)

From reading the book chapter, I get much deeper understanding on how to work with data, it give some really useful tips in what I need pay attention and work for .





Tutorial with Danny









To make the data look clear I will put them into Excel

Visual Research from book “Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data” Driven Design by Andy Kirk

From this basic visual research I had choose some visual style to test which is suitable for my data and design. also I need to do more deeper research.
1.Radar chart 2. Polar chart 3. Dendrogeam 4. Sunbrust !!!5.Pictogeam

Aim to make the data more in rule and details. I start to learning some data coding app or software. 1. Matlab 2. Echart 3. Pyhton

Tutorial video to learn matlab

After watching those tutorials, I start try to coding my data by use Matlab

I had done this testing but I think the effect i get are not satisfied . it’s look without art. like mathematics statistics .So I need to do other visual style test. The WS software is a dynamic webpage program file written in the Java script script language, I can use text notepad or Microsoft’s front page to open and edit. Of course, to run the WS file, you need to install web server software such as iiis and then open it with IE see the final effects.

I put all the data in . This final effects are not i want so I try other effects
I think this effects i was satisfied , but it looks a little monotonous. Maybe i can try to make it much abundant
this data is people i talk in the real life

At the same time, I found a very useful software, which is called echart. He is very convenient, the basic code has been generated inside, if I like which style of chart is selected, edit the data part, editing my own data part to get the effects I want.

Use Edit area to edit data

IT’ looks too many colour so I decided add some elements on.

Tutorial feedback: it’s too many things on one piece. colour, information , chart. so to think how to make it simple and contrast. this data is people i talk in the wechat. clear show.
The before one look much better maybe could develop it a little.


I had do some reflective on what I do before, i began to make it become more simple and communication effective. The yellow picture is in online and black is in real life but it doesn’t express in real life is happy and feel better than online communication. Continue improve it .

I reduce more elements, but it still look not good enough . it do not help me achieve the effects i want. so i decided do more research and improve it into a better effects.

visual style research(on sketchbook help for development ) research resource from this book

This on e help me to get the idea visual tow style. use character simple icon to represent the person number to do a contrast very intuitive.

To sum up from the research i get the new visual idea to design the data

New Visual 1 idea draft

New Visual 2 idea draft

Use this one as basic and design in a circle shape and add elements on.
process screen shoot continue improve

I was satisfied with those two effects and I have communication with Danny about my final effects. we both think is ok.


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