Alberto Frigo — systematically tracking

ALBERTO Frigo has a long time plan (over 36 years project) In around 10 years Frigo had documented many project such as:

  • 295.032 activities by photographing the objects his right hand uses
  • 12.367 dreams,
  • 5.444 songs that he heard and recognized
  • 629 portraits of new acquaintances
  • 286 square meters of discarded objects picked from the sidewalk
  • 1.513 news of casualties
  • 15.661 films of public spaces where he seats
  • 7.568 drawings of ideas
  • 2.763 recordings of thoughts while walking alone
  • 1.704 shapes of clouds
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I was impressed by the idea use photo to record every object his right hand has touched for the last 11 years in daily life. an average of 76 photos daily. Totally collection of 300,000 images. Frigo said that “I am excited that there might be some hidden pattern in all of this code I am generating,”(Frigo, 2015). I think this is a fantastic project that record the thing around life and from what he got to find the DNA code of his life. it was a really meaningful thing for himself. so I think in my project I need find more meanings for self tracking.

Nicholas Felton – FELTRON

Nicholas Felton is an infographic designer. He focuses on “transforming everyday data into meaningful objects and design.”. His most famous art project is the Feltron project (personal annual report from 2005 to 2014), in which he recorded the details of his life, including the places he visited, the music he heard, and his daily activities (collected from his own memory, calendar, photos and last. FM data), and transformed them into a series of art charts. Make those normal things become meaningful. through below image can clearly see what the data is about by use an art way express.

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