MA Communication design

Self Evaluation Form

Describe objectively what happened Give the details of what happened.Answer the question:‘What did I do, read, see, hear?’
In this semester, I have done 5 projects. Project0 includes create a visual representation of your ‘journey’ to the Ma communication design program. Based on my own life experience and the suggestions of other people in my hometown, I selected the representative places in my hometown and drew them into a special map. This kind of flat map is simple, but every main place and every path in my hometown exist. It is not only artistic, but also can guide people to the places they want to go;Project2 is carried out in groups. First of all, our group made a small plane game, printed various palms on the paper, which inspired me to make a playing card by myself. The front and back design elements are all kinds of fingers, putting out the shape of each number, which is called crazy fingers;Project3 is for 7-11-year-old children. In order to keep them healthy, we have made weather app, which includes clothing guide under different weather conditions and sports that can be carried out. In order to enhance interest, we have also added relevant content about how the weather is formed;Project4, in order to make people not forget the street art design, an app is specially made for people’s street art activities or art exchanges.
I-Interpret the events Explain your learning:new insights, connections with other learning, your feelings, hypotheses, conclusions. Answer the question:‘What was the reason I did this activity?’ ‘What might it mean?’  
At the beginning, I didn’t understand the significance of these projects in this semester. I gradually understood them in the process of doing, First of all, for example, project0 is to draw the map of hometown. In general, the map is very formal, and it should be able to guide everyone’s route. In this design, the map should be good-looking and have a certain degree of guidance, unconventional, and the audience should be attracted and want to buy as soon as they see it, which is the key point in graphic design, How to interact with the target audience? How to resonate with the audience? This means that your design should be different and everyone can like your style at a glance; Secondly, in the design, we must pay attention to the visualization of data, and the audience is more willing to see orderly icons, rather than scattered and stacked data. Moreover, the graphic design should consider the needs of users, such as the app should consider which kind of people the design is aimed at, so as to determine the content of the design to attract the audience. Finally, the design should fully absorb the suggestions of the audience, which can be uploaded to various social media on the Internet, so that the audience can comment on the advantages and disadvantages of this product, and make corrections.    
E-Evaluate what you learned Make judgments connected to observations you have made.Answer the question: ‘How was this useful?’  
Project 0 let me know how to make graphic design not only express important information normatively, but also attract the audience; Project 1 made me realize the importance of teamwork and conditional design process. In this project, we will have different understandings of the same problem(think out a conditional game). It is necessary to summarize everyone’s ideas, think about and discuss the direction of the final design, select suggestions with advantages, and suggestions with defects removed. make me reflect on it and get deep think. to create hand gestures and applications it on playing card as a elements. Although the final result of the game is not very ideal, but I have absorbed a lot of advanced ideas from you, and can be used in my future design; Project 2 makes me understand the importance of data visualization and understanding about user. In graphic design, what needs to be displayed is a clear and orderly chart, rather than a bunch of disordered data characters. A well used design of data visualization will immediately attract the audience’s attention and let the audience grasp the key points that the designer wants to express in an instant also help me to quick understanding about user and user center design; Project 3 makes me understand that the production of app should pay attention to the communication with users, and consider how to design app from users’ preferences and experience. People of different ages have different preferences and experience , so it is necessary to make content according to the user needs and want of APP users; Project 4 let me understand that graphic design needs feedback from users at the end of the day, and based on this, we can modify the graphic design, so as to make the graphic design conform to the public opinion.          
P-Plan how this learning will be applied Comment on its relevance to your course, program, future profession, life…Answer the question:‘How might this learning apply in my future?’  
  In the future, we must first pay attention to graphic design from the perspective of the audience to think about the design content, we must consider what kind of design the audience likes? So that your design can be liked by the public; Secondly, the layout and order of graphic design is very important. We must let the audience see your design and grasp the key points you want to express, and put the key information in the most important position; Moreover, data visualization must be a very important ability in design. To cultivate this ability, designers can make the audience instantly realize the current situation of the problem through simple expressions such as charts; Finally, after the completion of the first draft of graphic design, we must communicate with users and realize that the advantages and disadvantages of the design are being modified.            

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