Project #3 – Occasional Rain


” This project is carried out on an individual basis. You have been engaged to work on the early design stages for a weather app that will run on mobile devices ie smartphone (eg iPhone) or tablet (eg iPad). Initial user research has been carried out and potential target user groups are already ascertained and agreed. In more formal terms, this project is mostly limited to the Conceptualise and Create phases of the 5C design methodology.”

This assignment brief I need to use a creative thinking way and skills to crate. I need to chosen a type of user and choose express way and devise to design what user need.

First I need to full understand about the how to write a PACT. Analysis on main an appropriate user groups, Personal knowledge on their activities.

After doing this research. I choose the KEY STAGE 2 school children.


User Research and Analyzes.

Problem & Function

Visual style

Persona Research

Flow Design Process

Lo- hi test

Feedback for test user

According to the Feedback do some improve.

Final Outcome

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