The human brain is a magical workstation, which processes information from three aspects: internal, behavioral and reflective. Humans use powerful brain mechanisms to do things, create and act.This includes the most basic level of processing, the internal processing, which is an automatic processing program, as if it is an instinct. Behavior processing is not conscious, but an automatic response to the world around us,reflex processing is unique to humans (and some other mammals), just like knee jerk launching, which urges people to reflect and think about why they should do this, and what it means, so as to seek evolution and change.Secondly, attention and creativity are also worth considering. When creativity is applied and made into products, details become crucial. At this time, the existence of negative emotions such as anxiety is actually conducive to better work completion, especially the deadline, which makes people want to complete tasks faster and better.In the negative impact, people are more likely to make more severe judgments about your products and make more negative reactions to the pain in the design.Finally, Donald introduces that the brain is inclined to listen and learn. Although designers can give full play to the role of the brain, human thinking is extremely complex, although all people’s body and brain are basically the same, but different individuals have different potentials and abilities.

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