This week is to watch Bill Verplank’s talk and summary of
the key points that I have identified. Bill Verplank is a designer and researcher dedicated to the interaction between humans and computers. He was one of the pioneers of interaction design.

In the video begins he was said one short sentence “conceptual interpretation is art… and related to object to an intentioned purpose “. This means when you doing the design you need to have some purpose to do it. but art and craft don’t need a purpose. Moreover, In this video, he also mentioned that what is interaction design, draw sketch, art, craft, and thinking.

There some points from his speech :
A. He talks about why he likes quickly draw and sketch something he sees or though because some idea flash suddenly use a pencil to sketch could help him or us to record and to sum up.
B.1.How do you ….(question) such as: how do you do? what did you do to the world?
As a designer, we design things between the world and the people. we connect the things around the world. After we do something we will feel something.
2. How do you feel? how do you tase? how do you see? how do you smell?
3. How do you know?
C. As a designer we need to match the message to the media user, it has needs included emotions. people don’t need to read it in details, people just need to know the idea and know this is an interesting thing.
D. The last 30-year designer has paid much attention to what people think and how they known.
E.Systems (feedback, control, air brain, gaol, accomplish)
F.The computer is a tool, media, and intelligence. the computer plays many roles in our daily life, it could to say that a computer is a person in the world, often do something for us or do something for the world. it helps create an image on the screen, get data, design tables. many amazing being design and created by computers, and it helps the interaction design and learns.

Image source: Screenshot from Bill Verplank speech

G. users will have some tasks when they use some interface app, such as is easy to use or use friendly? even user without having user instructions also think is a friendly interface.
H. Interaction design process from symbol thinking, visual thinking to the enactive interface.

Image source: Screenshot from Bill Verplank speech

I. we use languages as a tool to communicate. the graphic interface also helps the user to communicate. media help user connects me to other people and the world.

Image source: Screenshot from Bill Verplank speech

J. Media is alway change and link to fashion. The designer is used a computer design life form. A good designer needs help people to understand things to avoid some problems.

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