Critique of user center design methodology

The user persona and user modeling are important two parts for user center design. Our group was collection data about people who shopping in the Winchester. After group together collection the data. I was based on this data to create a persona, empathy map and user experience map.

In my collection experience I think is easy to get those data, in my team we create a questionnaire to ask different target user. Moreover from the questionnaire and observed the target user i could kwon about their feelings and thoughts, those could help me for design the user persona( see in Fig,1), user empathy map, and user experience map ( see in Fig,2) or a scenario map.

User persona: A user persona is a fictional representation which could help me understand my ideal customer. I need start the design process by conducting user researchwith my target users and identifying exactly what they need from the product my designing. A persona is generally based on this user research and incorporates. The information contained within a Persona is often quantitative ( user needs, goals, observed user behavior, number, basic information, and data).

User experience maps are a visual representation of the users’ journey over time, and they provide a handy communication tool for teams to inform product direction. 


Fig,1. An example of user persona.

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Fig,2.An example of user experience map .

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