The concept of Design Thinking

From Design Thinking Comes of Age; by Jom Kolko Available at:

What are the key principles?

  • “New approach way is need response to the increasing complexity technology “. “complex systems to be simple, intuitive, and pleasurable”.
  •  “principles as design thinkingempathy with users” such as focus on people and their experiences, especially their feeling.(Designers need to observe the behavior and draw conclusions about what users want and need.)
  • physical models“, ” design artifacts, to explore, define, and communicate”. 
  • Tolerance for failure” do not afraid failed, but at least once need to be success

From this point I Learned :1. Research from people
2. Look for patterns
3.Define design principles
4. Make tangible
5. Iterate relentlessly
Whatever the challenge, design thinking is a powerful tool to reveal new ways of thinking and doing.

What is design thinking? Video link:

What are some of the criticisms of Design Thinking?

  • A linear, structured process
  • Reduces the design process to contained thinking
  • A corporate box to check off
  • Missing critical thinking (crits)

What is design thinking?

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