Project #2 – Everyday People

week 1 lecture 14/10/2019 , user central design; “consider user need, how they think, how they behavior and incorporate a thing that understanding into every aspect of my process”

This two lectures introduced us to understand concepts, such as:user centered design, this includes conducting our own user research, creating Personas and using other methodologies to collect and document our user; this experiment was a visual warm up that helped to concrete the potential methods of user research and design. 

Final outcome

The persona and user jounery map a similar visual style aim to hope them look clear , the uses of colour in those design are yellow and black make it more steady; I have explored try different style in my design process collage style, hand draw. I have used a circle high point and low point to represent the customer emotion in my customer journey map

The Persona contains basic information about a woman that often shopping in Winchester, those information from this help me to create other two map.

Journey Map

The Journey map follows a day of research in Winchester, conducted by the team collection data and myself , the goal of this research was aim to find that people shopping in Winchester what problem they have and thier feeling, thinking, and goals.

Empathy Map
The empathy map combines the research I get from the persona and maps and combines this information in a visual and useful way. Included user doing, thinking, feeling , demographic, goals, motivate, habits, favorite brands.

The final composition for this project combines the persona and journey map images, displays them in one A2 poster.

People carry out particular activities in particular contexts using particular technologies.

A data collection plan (our group choose WSA bus one to plan)

Screen shoot form my sketchbook

week 2 lecture 21/10/2019 , user modeling (personas). Empathy mapping(person in middle) well research, enough data like a journey of customer ‘s map. (say, think, do, and feel). use the data we get to do a personas.

A data collection experimentation (our group choose take photo about everybody hand and cuff part)

The results our team have got.

The project 2 tasked for our team was to gather information about shopping in the Winchester – no specifics have been given and it is up to us to decide what information we gather and how. Documentation of this assignment is in below.

  • Week 1 and 2 Lectures (Information of User Design Methods)
  • Workshop: Something Different
  • Design process
  • outcome

Group discussion

Questionnaire develop process

Shopping Research process


Questionnaire result

Customer behavior observe

Persona research

Personas in Design Thinking

Personas are fictional characters, which you create based upon your research in order to represent the different user types that might use your service, product, site, or brand in a similar way. Creating persona will help me to understand your users’ needs, experiences, behaviors and goals. Creating personas can help you step out of yourself. It can help you to recognize that different people have different needs and expectations, and it can also help you to identify with the user you’re designing for. Personas make the design task at hand less complex, they guide your ideation processes, and they can help you to achieve the goal of creating a good user experience for your target user group.

In the design think process, designers will often start creating personas during the second phase, the Define phase. In the Define phase, Design Thinkers synthesize their research and findings from the very first phase, the Empathies phase. Using personas is just one method, among others, that can help designers move on to the third phase, the Ideation phase. The personas will be used as a guide for ideation sessions such as Brainstorm, idea, create.

Visual Research


First I want try to create a user profiles(Use collage style)

Collage style(profile)

Collage style(profile)outcome

Journey Map Test

This one I want to express the shop mall in Winchester. and the order is their from their start and end on the street.

Journey Outcome

I think the test outcome project effects I am not satisfied. Because is hard for audience to look so I continue try to test other style.



Journey Map Test 2

Persona Outcome

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