Project #1 – Conditional Design

“A process is known to be more satisfying when it contains:

  • Playing with human imperfection and physical challenge
  • Strategy and collaboration; and storytelling, within the drawing or triggered by the drawing”

The task is carried 3 parts in whole process: Process, Create and Present.

1: Process – Record your Conditional Design activities ( document your activities through the exercises from session 1) include more further reading/research. (feeling, attitudes and what did you enjoy to the work)

2: Create – a new Conditional Design group workshop (must be original), run in the class in week 2.

3: Present – A documenting about the whole process and events of workshop 1 and workshop 2. This Artefact can be anything such as: video, animated, magazine, article, booklet, and game etc.

For every deliverable I wil record note, idea, and workshop session as a record doucumentation. In the below I will show every part information and development process. all process related to the workshop I will show below.

what is conditional design?

It was a design way that more focus on process( time, relationship and change) rather than product, Conditional Design is also help us to more understand system(process, logical, rules, inout) for the graphic designers.

Deliverables 1 PROCESS

Perfect circle

‘Groups three’ perfect circle.
This exercise have simple and the
most straight rules, however, when
people use hand to darw the circle
the effects it was quite the opposite.
I was thinking that, is there would
create a perfect circle? For me
i don‘t think so!


My group first attempt to do
‘Over and Under’, the rules are
diffcult and have some confusion
over the attempt and because
of it has too many rules. so first
attempet are failed.

Long line

This one was my favourite one,
it allowed people have more
creative and freedom, the rules
was you cannot let your pen leave
the paper, and you cannot cross or
touch other colour lines! draw
over 25 mins, This task posed many
pressure and people will plan carefully and
when we drwa the line we will communicate
with others “do not touch my line,
go another way”
in order to finished challenge.

Other group’s outcome

Deliverables 2 Create

For this part for our groups need to create our own original Conditional Design exercise( totally original one) and let other group to play our group conditional deign exercise.

Aim to create an original idea I decided to more research to see what already have before. and to learn how others set up conditional design.

A conditional design speech research

Luna Mauer

A studio conditional design process&rule

A personal attempt process

A group attempt process

Ideation & Experimentation

To sum up, from this conditional design research I get my primary idea. My inspiration come from look through other conditional design and attend the frist workshop task. I found that most of the task are require people use hands to draw, stick, and move around. So I was think about the way why we try to use the hand as the main subject to create something. I was think about that a group of people put our hands on the blank paper and trace the hand shape outline out, and no limit it will be interesting. Because, everyone’s hands are unique, and combine them together to do some thing it will be fun.

Here is some of my personal attempt, and I will bring them to my group show to others and discussion it.

  • Trace hand
  • Book collage

personal attempt

First attempt, Use a ballpoint pen to trace the outline of the hand
The effect of the outcome, I am not very satisfied with this effects. Too many lines.
I found that in first attempt out come have some overlap part. Suddenly, I want to use colour pen to full of the overlap part. I found this outcome is much better than before one.
To use colour pen to trace the hand outline.
Near my desk have some colour Paint. I decided to use this materials to do some attempt. the process is too complicated and will make hand and some place are very dirty.
Book collage

From what I am test I like the colour pen trance hand one most, it is simple requires and more freedom. I need to bring those idea to my group to do some discussion, if it works next we need to consider the game rule.

Group discussion & planing

After doing group discussion, we decided to do the trace hand game they call it “crazy finger” We do some test and some discussion we set the rules out.

The main idea for this workshop is to trace yourself
hand on paper( use colour pen), the rules are that,
you can’t trace your hand next to a hand that is
the same colour( if you cross the game is end).
The game will end when no one can trace more hand
(the images below the written rules draft). This game
has a simple rule, and it need communication
between each person aim to keep the game success.
it looks an original workshop exercises.

Reflection on discussion

At first I felt worry about collaboration and teams commitment it reqires people have tacit understanding and work well , luckily our group work well and full of passion to the task.i think this made conceptualization rule and discusiion become much more fluid and funny.

workshop session

Our workshop we see other 5 group to
paly it looks seemed working well, the rules
was easily for people to understood, we set
the rules simple beause we want to see want
the other possibility and creative thing will
show up. more freedom and imagenation for


People start at same time so the speed to finish the game is too quickly than we thought.
Maybe could change the rule to one by one draw.
The pen colour could change as every one have different colour pen.


When i looking through the workshop whole processs
I found that people was enjoyable because of the simple
rules, the confines gave structure to the game enough so
that when faced with challenges, creative solutions
could be created and used by the teams – such as
modifying hand shapes to create more different hand shape.
There was no explicit rules about hand shapes, just that
hands should be traced by the players. Some teams
were more timid than others and avoided playing in
simultaneous turns, the rules on turn taking were not
enforced, however, for the teams benefit it was suggested that
all players work at the same time. This mechanic was designed
so that everyone had to communicate and plan in the moment
rather than sitting and mulling over plans individually.
Being in the moment seems to be an important mechanic of
Conditional Design, being in the moment allows a different process
to manifest; this process is more free-flowing and communicative
allowing players to let go of pre-judgement acting without thought

Deliverables 2 Present

The present Artefact fianal should express the ideas of Conditional Design. It also need link to my reflective, feedback and experience of the conditional design.

Some Idea

  • Game (development a game including the conditional concept. Player need to follow the rules to play)
  • Booklet( to document all the process and reflection to clear show to other)

After completing the various parts of Deliverables 1 and 2, I felt that I had some interesting inspiration in the process. We set the rules to be fun and easy because we want to see creativity and come up with new ideas. Through this process, I saw that some people turned their hands into different gestures. And the game needs a group of people to perform better, and this requires people to show one by one. make me think of playing cards. The number on the card side and the hand gestures on the center as a symbol. To design a playing card.

My own hand 1-10 gestures
Playing card research
pre-sketch draft


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