Project 0 brief – My way

Create a visual representation of your ‘journey’ to the MA Communications Design programme that also includes a profile of your current interests, skills and strengths.

My Way, an object of personal cartography


Final A2 map Poster form my journey process.
Note and sketching in sketchbook.
learning to map own interests and skill sets.


  • 1. Research&.planing
  • 2. Ideation & experimentation
  • 4. Improve & process
  • 5. Outcome
  • 6. Reflection
  • 7. Feedback


Ideation & experimentation

I want to in this journey to show where I am form and how to go to Winchester. I decided basic on combine collage&illustration with line of my concept to further play with ideas. First, I want to try those style try separate, and see which effects will be the best.

Start collage my hometown part.

First, I have to choose work in photoshop and hand collage to do quickly attempt. It’s an effective way to producing effects of each idea.

Hand Made collage with some draw line

I find it has a great effects than I thought. however, in my map I want to show the journey from my home town to London & Winchester. In the Below image is only show my hometown part that has included may massage for now. I think if it’s have more place, it will be mass together. Therefore, if I do the whole map this way, it will have too many information show in one map and will be massive.

I use Photoshop to add colour contrast and circle

So I think another way to express my hometown part collage. I choose use illustration to work, it is effective and multiple.

I was do some digital editing test to explore some more effects about the maps or journeys in order to better understand the brief and aim to get better effects.

I was going to draw my hometown shape outline first, then choose some photo I took from Changde, to them in a group and add the outline and photo plus together.

Improve & process

“The effect of only use collage and line to express was not strong enough”
“The design development process”

This experimentation let me to explore some different visual elements concepts and create some really better graphics and colour for future works.

The experimentation process screen shoot
Critics outcome


When I thought of doing a journey, I thought of two questions. Where did I come from? How did I come to Wenche, so the first thing in my mind was a simple shadow of a circular earth, a circle, and then I focused on investigating my hometown. On, what are the famous attractions, what are the famous snacks, how to express the characteristics of my hometown, when I identified these elements, I went to see other people’s maps, the expression of the puzzles and animations gave me inspiration, I started to use the puzzle The way to express some buildings and food in my hometown, but I found that the effect is not very good, so I made a different attempt, I found that the combination of the way of the puzzle and the illustration is not very good, the outline of the geographical shape, the inside is The photo of this place, so got this effect. I start to applicate the effect on express London and Winchester. I make the outside circle feeling of the clock, there are ancient Roman numerals, a total of 12 hours, I have a total of 12 hours flight from Changde to Winchester, and the precise latitude and longitude of each place is also marked on the map. Through doing this map project, it help me improve my communication information skill sets.

Feedback (from tutorials)

  • The most elements in the map are contemporary and modern sense. however, about the clock Old Roman number is retro style, not very compatible with other element styles. Maybe try to improve or change it .
  • The elements of the background are too jumped, so that the subject matter becomes not the most important part. Pay attention to the relationship between the primary and secondary, the hierarchical relationship, and make some adjustments.
  • The map’s compass is too retro, and it doesn’t work. Try to replace or not use the compass.

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